Julye Newlin - About JNP


Julye Newlin Productions, Inc., is a small boutique facility with experience in the oil, aeronautics, medical, educational and broadcast industries. For the past 20 years I have been blessed with projects in several mediums. As formats have come and gone, the industry's ability to provide more dynamic visual options for clients continues to enrich an audience's experience. 1", ¾", 16mm, and 35mm were the hot kids on the block when my career began, but today there are a variety of options available for your project including 4K, 2K and HD.

I traditionally work to understand the needs and expectations of your concept while working to bring your vision to life at a reasonable cost. Whether you are looking for a consultant or technician (DP, director, camera operator, editor, or one-man band) my services are available. As a technician, I offer turn-key (full service) and freelance services to my customers.

Below are some comments a few of my customers were kind enough to share.

"I wrapped up the segment using the interviews you did and wanted to let you know just how grateful I am for the work you did. Your style and demeanor with the staff at our League City office made them all feel very much at ease; your conciseness and interview approach was exactly what I was looking for in this project. As I may have mentioned, I've had firms in other areas doing this exact same thing in other parts of the country and few have been as effective/efficient as you and in the edit seat, that means allot to me when I'm under a deadline."

- Lee Scioneaux, Director of Media Production, Amedisys, Inc

"Julye acted as DP/shooter for a number of commercials for our advertising agency and was a great resource in the Houston area. She did great work and was consistent and reliable. I would hire her again in a blink."

- Linda D Schumacher, Schupp Company, Director of Broadcast

"Julye Newlin is a joy to work with. Extremely knowledgeable, professional and on time are but a few of her many attributes. I also appreciated her critical eye and on target creative input to my projects. Julye doesn't just do her part, she makes sure the finished project meets and exceeds your expectations. I would highly recommend her and know that she will increase any clients comfort level who wants a quality production."

- Sherri Oldham, S.O. Creative, President

"Julye consistently gets the most out of any situation. The quality of her lighting and then the video photography of the subject are second to none to any I've worked with. She's also a great storyteller as well. Very responsive to the client's needs and a wizard in on-set problem solving."

- Mark Triplett, Sagemont Church, Broadcast Production Manager

"In the many years Julye and I have worked together I have always found her to have a superior attention to detail while exercising her creativity in her craft. Her training at Brooks shows in her "creative eye". She always works to get the right shot and will go the extra mile to make sure it is just right. Julye, also has the strength and stamina of that most photographers can only envy. I have literally run her through the gantlet in the field and she never tires or tries to take a shortcut."

- Scott Munro, Media Arts, Inc., President

"Julye and her team were extremely professional every time I've worked with them, even going out of their way during a minor production crisis. I wouldn't hesitate in using her production services should I have a project in a reasonable distance from the Houston area."

- Adam Libarkin,Building D Productions, Inc., Partner

"I recently used Julye as the shooter for a segment for an upcoming television show. I found her to be on time (she arrived before I did), incredibly creative, and great to get along with. She was also extremely knowledgeable about camera and technology formats and maintained a "we're working until the job gets done" work ethic. She knew the best set-ups for particular visual shots and our on-camera personnel got along with her fabulously. I highly recommend Julye for any film, TV, or video production."

- Sean Whitley,Freelance Writer-Producer

"Julye consistently works toward the highest caliber results, even when the expectations are fluid and unpredictable. During our first project together, she had completely pre-lit a location for inclusion in a live program. Our previously granted permission for the location was withdrawn; and, with less than 12 hours to go, Julye forfeited sleep, food, and downtime to re-light a NEW location, working with me to block talent movement and make the program sing. You need someone to watch your 6:00? Julye is there."

- Rebecca Kelley,Kelley Productions, Owner